Donnerstag, 11. April 2013

BCCG wins COBCOE Chamber of the Year Award

On April 10, BCCG was awarded  the COBCOE - Chamber of the Year Award  for event management. Tobias Verlende LL.M., the BCCG Chairman UK, received the price on behalf of BCCG.

Tobias Verlende with the COBCOE Award, London
The annual COBCOE Awards Ceremony took place in London and was attended by many members and guests of COBCOE member chambers.

It was the first time that BCCG was among the winners since the awards were created a few years ago. BCCG is grateful for the support by Tobias Verlende LL.M. at our joint application.

The BCCG held over 80 events last year in co-operation with our members and supporting partners. For details about current events, please see 

Berlin/London, Andreas Meyer-Schwickerath