Mittwoch, 7. September 2016


BCCG website has been updated to feature Brexit.

The BCCG website was updated recently to add a separate page on Brexit matters.

On this page, the BCCG regularly features news, articles from members and press, events with BCCG members and co-operating partners and other comments, relating to the UK´s EU referendum of June 23.

As negotiations on the majority vote to leave will begin sometime in the near future, uncertainty remains for the time being. We will monitor available sources and feature interesting News on this matter on our separate page    

Any of our members and co-operating partners may contact us to include opinions or articles there. We are looking forward to your Response.

Please note that our Website has increasing visitor traffic, making any contributors more visible than ever. With an average of 8-10.000 visits per month and more than 10 pages per visitor, it is one of the most frequented bilateral websites.

Andreas Meyer-Schwickerath
British Chamber of Commerce in Germany e.V. (BCCG)