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British German Trade at Record Level in 2013

British German Trade hit a Record of 220 bn € in 2013

Most recent statistics illustrate the importance of British-German trade relations. In 2013, the United Kingdom was again the most important trading Partner of Germany, at a record trade volume of 220 € bn, including goods and services, up from 215 € bn the previous year (according to statistics of the Deutsche Bundesbank, 3/2014: 


  • The UK is Germany´s largest trading Partner. The UK overtook France in 2011. Exports plus imports in 2013:



Total trade € bn


United Kingdom



United States








  • Germany is the UK’s second largest trading partner worldwide after the US.

o  UK exports to Germany in 2013: € 73.7 bn
o   UK imports from Germany € 103.7 bn
  • UK exports three times as much to Germany as to China (£43bn vs £14bn).
  • UK exports to Germany have increased since the crisis in 2009 by 21% (up from £36bn to £43bn).
  • Total German Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) in the UK is worth £65 billion. Germany was the fourth most important source of FDI in the UK in 2012.
  • Total British FDI in Germany is worth £19 billion. 
  • Nearly 2,400 German companies have a presence in the UK, employing 334,000 people. 
  • In Germany, almost every tenth foreign company is British. There are over 1,200 British companies in Germany, employing 220,000 people.
  • Bosch: one of the top German investors in the UK: 4,500 staff across 40 sites and €2.4bn in sales 
  • RWE: Through RWE npower produces 10% electricity used in UK, has 12GW of installed capacity, and serves 6.6m customers, with 13,400 employees.  
  • Siemens: present in the UK for 168 years and employs 13,000 including 5,000 involved in UK manufacturing and engineering at 13 manufacturing sites 
  • BMW: contributes £1.2 billion each year to UK GDP, BMW Group and its dealer network employ 18,000 people directly while supporting over 46,000 UK jobs in total, and contribute over £900 million per annum to the UK Exchequer.  1 in 5 BMWs has an engine made in the United Kingdom

  • Populations in 2012: Germany 80.3m, UK 63.5m 
  • 131,000 German nationals were living in the UK in 2012, roughly equivalent to the population of Ipswich 
  • 103,400 British nationals were living in Germany in 2013, roughly equivalent to the population of Salzgitter
  • German was the 7th most common nationality in the UK in 2012 (after Poland, India, Ireland, Pakistan, United States and Lithuania)

Figures from UKTI,ONS, and Bundesbank Statistics, March 2014

Andreas Meyer-Schwickerath
British Chamber of Commerce in Germany e.V. (BCCG)
16. April 2014 

Dienstag, 15. April 2014

BCCG wins COBCOE Award

BCCG wins COBCOE Chamber Award for Membership Services

BCCG was awarded the COBCOE Chamber of the Year Award for Excellence in Membership Services 2014. This Excellency award was handed to Tobias Verlende LL.M., BCCG Chairman UK, who represented BCCG at the award ceremony on April 09, 2014.

The annual COBCOE Awards Ceremony took place in London and was attended by many members and guests of COBCOE member chambers.

It was the second time that BCCG was among the winners since the awards were created a few years ago. BCCG is grateful for the support by Tobias Verlende LL.M. at our joint application.

Tobias Verlende was presented the COBCOE Chamber of the Year Award for Excellence in Membership Services 2014 from Anne Doyere of London City Airport, from left: COBCOE Director David Cracket, Tobias Verlende LL.M., Chairman of BCCG UK and newly elected COBCOE Director, Anne Doyere, David Thomas, President of COBCOE.

At the preceding COBCOE AGM, Tobias Verlende LL.M., BCCG Chairman UK, was voted into the COBCOE board during the COBCOE board election 2014 on April 09, 2014.  In addition, Andreas Meyer-Schwickerath, Member of the BCCG Board, was also confirmed as founding member of the COBCOE Board of Directors of the new COBCOE Ltd.

The COBCOE Board of Directors comprises of a Management Committee constituted of the senior leadership Officers of the organisation; the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Immediate Past President and Chief Executive and a a group of Non-Executive Directors that represent the members of COBCOE. All Board members, other than the Chief Executive serve in a voluntary capaity and are elected by the AGM. For further Information, please see and