Dienstag, 15. April 2014

BCCG wins COBCOE Award

BCCG wins COBCOE Chamber Award for Membership Services

BCCG was awarded the COBCOE Chamber of the Year Award for Excellence in Membership Services 2014. This Excellency award was handed to Tobias Verlende LL.M., BCCG Chairman UK, who represented BCCG at the award ceremony on April 09, 2014.

The annual COBCOE Awards Ceremony took place in London and was attended by many members and guests of COBCOE member chambers.

It was the second time that BCCG was among the winners since the awards were created a few years ago. BCCG is grateful for the support by Tobias Verlende LL.M. at our joint application.

Tobias Verlende was presented the COBCOE Chamber of the Year Award for Excellence in Membership Services 2014 from Anne Doyere of London City Airport, from left: COBCOE Director David Cracket, Tobias Verlende LL.M., Chairman of BCCG UK and newly elected COBCOE Director, Anne Doyere, David Thomas, President of COBCOE.

At the preceding COBCOE AGM, Tobias Verlende LL.M., BCCG Chairman UK, was voted into the COBCOE board during the COBCOE board election 2014 on April 09, 2014.  In addition, Andreas Meyer-Schwickerath, Member of the BCCG Board, was also confirmed as founding member of the COBCOE Board of Directors of the new COBCOE Ltd.

The COBCOE Board of Directors comprises of a Management Committee constituted of the senior leadership Officers of the organisation; the Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Immediate Past President and Chief Executive and a a group of Non-Executive Directors that represent the members of COBCOE. All Board members, other than the Chief Executive serve in a voluntary capaity and are elected by the AGM. For further Information, please see www.bccg.de and www.cobcoe.eu