Donnerstag, 26. Mai 2016

BCCG welcomes Alexander Dennis Ltd and more new Sustaining Members

BCCG has grown with new contacts recently. We are glad to announce the following recent new members in our British-German Business network, adding to our over 850 members and over 4000 personal contacts.

BCCG members comprise of individual professionals, young professionals (YBCCG), small companies and large companies, as well as sustaining members (VIP Status) chosen by about 10% of members.

BCCG welcomes the following recent new members in the BCCG network:

Alexander Dennis Limited, 7th sustaining member and 26th new member in 2016
Alexander Dennis Limited, Jacqueline Anderson, Marketing Development Director, 9 Central Boulevard, Central Park, FK5 4RU Larbert, SCOTLAND.

Alexander Dennis is the leading UK manufacturer of buses and coaches.  Its single and double deck vehicles can be seen in many European capitals, as recently in Berlin (see picture at the British Embassy). The double decker is to be used in a trial by the city´s public transport system.

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Bowman Financial Consultancy, 25th new member in 2016

Bowman Financial Consultancy, Matt Bowman, Sandweg 125, 60316 Frankfurt

AGiG e.V., 6th sustaining member and 24th new member in 2016

Accountants Group in Germany e.V., Paul Buckley, President,
c/o Raymond Gann, 65520 Bad Camberg.
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Interim Management, 23rd new member in 2016
Interim Management, Holger Wetzenstein-Ollenschläger, Grosse Hamburger Str. 30, 10115 Berlin

BCCG is always interested to increase its contact base for the benefits of all members and contacts in our Network. For details, please see  

Andreas Meyer-Schwickerath