Dienstag, 17. Januar 2017

BCCG Publication Bulletin and Brexit

The BCCG Bulletin has been published by the British Chamber of Commerce in Germany and is available now in both printed and online version. 

The publication is focused on doing business in the UK and Germany, with a special content on Brexit consequences and what it means for business and trade. 

Our BCCG Brexit Expert Groups, formed by sustaining members of the BCCG, contributed with joint articles on issues, such as

- Automotive Industry: http://www.bccg.de/bild/webseite/fachartikel_90.pdf

- Financial Services: http://www.bccg.de/bild/webseite/fachartikel_91.pdf

- Legal Issues: http://www.bccg.de/bild/webseite/fachartikel_93.pdf 

- Taxation: http://www.bccg.de/bild/webseite/fachartikel_92.pdf

You can read the entire publication online at:


For more information on Brexit, please also see our website at:



If you wish to obtain a printed copy, please contact the BCCG info@bccg.de

Andreas Meyer-Schwickerath
Friedrichstr. 140
10117 Berlin

Montag, 16. Januar 2017

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