Freitag, 26. April 2013

Andrea Leadsom MP with Fresh Start Project MPs meeting BCCG Members

On 25 April 2013, Andrea Leadsom MP, Chair of the Fresh Start Project, together with Guto Bebb MP, Mark Garnier MP, David Rutley MP and Julian Smith MP, as well as Mr Duncan McCourt, Office of Andrea Leadsom, had a meeting with BCCG Political Committee members and Prof. Dr. Michael Wohlgemuth from Open Europe Berlin. All MPs are members of the Fresh Start Project, a UK initiative for reform of EU procedures and legislation.

Andrea Leadsom MP with members of Fresh Start Project
The discussion evolved around various topics, especially the German and UK views on European regulation of services, industry, immigration and labour market regulations.

It was consensus that reforms are needed, especially in light of overregulated EU procedures. Repatriation of social and labour market regulations would significantly strengthen competetiveness especially of countries hit most by the recent financial crisis. Rather than regulating markets within the EU, the EU should focus on competetiveness, growth and negotiations on free trade agreements with non-EU trading partners such as the US, Canada and Japan.

Financial services could be a key sector for growth, as high demand is seen for insurance and other financial products in non EU markets. The planned EU Financial Transaction Tax would be extremely negative for the competetiveness of the financial services sector.

The Fresh Start Project was set up to research and propose a new relationship for the UK within the EU that would better meet the interests and aspirations of the UK and other member states and citizens in the EU. It proposes reforms in many areas of EU common policies. For details, please see also