Donnerstag, 9. Juli 2015

BCCG: UK-German Trade at Record

BCCG: Bilateral trade between Britain and Germany was at record high in 2014, showing continued growth in trade of goods and services over the recent years:
The most recently published statistics of the Bundesbank for 2014 with revised figures again show the bilateral British-German trade to be the 3rd largest of all German bilateral trade relationships (after the US and the Netherlands), with strong growth of over 7% compared to 2013.

Total bilateral trade including goods and services in 2014 was EUR 177 bn, up from EUR 165 bn in  of 2013. Thereof, total trade in goods only was EUR 136 bn, up 8% compared to 2013, with UK exports to Germany at EUR 44.1 bn and German exports to the UK at EUR 91.9 bn. Total trade in services was EUR 40.9 bn, up 4% compared to 2013, with UK services exports to Germany at EUR 20.3 bn and those from Germany to the UK at EUR 20.6 bn. We welcome these developments, which illustrate strengthening scope of bilateral relations between the UK and Germany.

The recent statistics of the Bundesbank can be seen here in detail:

Andreas Meyer-Schwickerath
BCCG British Chamber of Commerce e.V.