Donnerstag, 15. Oktober 2015

BCCG welcomes Alexander Dennis and its Double Decker Bus in Berlin

HM Ambassador Sir Sebastian Wood KCMG welcomed the British bus manufacturer Alexander Dennis in Berlin on 14 October. Being British, the Ambassador was reminded of London when moving to Berlin recently and seeing double decker buses here. 

Enviro 500 at British Embassy in Berlin
Gustavo Marqueta-Siibert, Colin Robertson, Tony Sims
With several guests and press present, the Ambassador pointed out the significant market share of the company in the bus and double decker public transport segment in cities, especially in the UK, Canada, the US, Hongkong and Singapore.

The company´s CEO Colin Robertson and his colleague Martin Gruber poined out that Alexander Dennis is now establishing its presence in Germany, starting to present its double decker bus Enviro 500 in a trial in Berlin, where it will run a 6-week trial starting soon. Also, Alexander Dennis recently introduced its
products in Switzerland and Poland.

The audience was informed by UKTI Director Tony Sims and Colin Robertson with his colleagues about the strategy of the company abroad.
As the Berlin transport system has traditionally been utilizing double decker buses, the guests present thought that these buses will be well suited in a growing German public transport market. BCCG and its network welcome Alexander Dennis in Germany.

Andreas Meyer-Schwickerath